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   The Personalised Yoga Method has been designed by Yves-Noël Gaudin, Yoga Teacher, Acupuncturist, Chinese Biology Practitioner, Writer.

Personalized Yoga is a remarkable combination of :

  • Hatha Yoga postures,
  • kinésiology (simple muscle tests),
  • Chinese Chronobiology (study of the bio-rythms based on the date and hour of birth),
  • Chinese medicine.

Why a personalised Yoga practice ?

  More and more people are under pressure, can't sleep, suffer from stomach and back aches, are depressed and, despite numerous personal efforts, don't seem to be able to recover.
All this is the consequence of an energy imbalance, due to the combination of a person's constitution and seasonal variations, psychological as well as climatic factors. Yoga, a very ancient technique, will help solve these problems, on condition that it is adapted to each practising individual.

Main Stages of the method :

  1. A full energy assessment will be necessary. The first stage of this assessment is based on simple muscle tests and a questionnaire.

  2. Then, we proceed with the analysus of the energy bio-rythm of the full date of birth (including the hour of birth) of an individual. Stages 1 and 2 will establish the energy identity card of the individual. This card will determine the individual's constitution, its predominating, moderating and blocked energies.

  3. Yoga postures work will be necessary to re-balance the individual's constitution as a whole. Then, other series will be given to release the blocked energies. These blocked energies carry our faults, bad reactions either hyper or hypo functioning (always inadequate) and our chronic or rhythmic pathologies.

This posture work has to be done at a specific time for each of these series, for a perid of 5 days. This work only takes 10 minutes per day. With the influence of the postures, the energy and the hour, its covers all the energy combinations of the 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water).
It is a true re-integration of the personal history of the individual which will continue for about 3 months.

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"The knowledge and the interpretation of one's own bio-rythm as well as the transformation work resulting from it, will also be a tool to know ourself with regard to our own achievement or life objective, thus leading to the discovery of our psychic, physical and social functioning. It will also help us to understand relationships between people."
Yves Noël Gaudin.

posture simplifiée Whatever your mobility, this method is applicable.

We start from the principle that every practising individual is not at the service of Yoga, but Yoga is at the service of the practising individual. And as we often have to deal with (partially) handicapped as well as supple people, we offer adaptable solutions?
These pictures are for the same energy (stomach). And there's others postures for that energy.   Posture type Yoga classique

Personalised Yoga Counselling

The first appointment includes :
  1. Full energy assessment,

  2. Comments on the 4 bio-rhythms, the energy identity card and the development of the psychological profile of the patient,

  3. 10 days of Personalised Yoga work,

It takes about 6 to 8 appointments to set things in motion, which is equivalent to 60-80 days of practice divided into series of 5 days, at a price varying from 1320FF to 1720FF depending on the case.

Cost for the first appointment : 320FF Cost for the following appointment : 200FF each.

Benefits of this pratice

     The true meaning of Yoga is to regain unity of "BODY-SPIRIT" thereby, anything which express non-unity such as conflict, non-acceptance of reality, not standing back in relation to events or people, bad rhythmic and chronic health, will gradually disappear.

Reports from individuals practisong Personalised Yoga are often spectacular with regard to regaining good health which is the heritage of every human being.

   We have to remember that Yoga is active at this level because it enables the individual to re-unite his true self from within.
No two people get same Personalised Yoga posture work.

After a few months' practice, essential transformations take place such as :


Sadness     becomes





  Rumination Clarity of mind
  Anguish Confidence
  Fear Lucidity
  Depression Passion
  Hyper-sensitivity Objectivity
  Aggressiveness Constructive dynamism
  Guilt Forgiveness

Then LIFE as a HUMAN BEING really begins.


Objectives of the school

Each individual is unique and this is why Personalised Yoga posture work will have the best effect on one's physical, energetic, mental and spiritual health.

This school is aimed at both Yoga teachers wishing to have a reliable means of individual adaptation for their classes, and individuals practising Yoga and wishing to understand and therefore better adjust their daily practice. It is not necessary to have practised Yoga before.

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First year Program :
Yoga Posture Personalisation

From simple muscle tests, you will learn how to determine the constitution of individuals as well as their current pathologies and prescribe Yoga posture work in order to achieve an auto-balance on a daily basis.
  • Study of the energy laws and circulation,
  • Practice of the various postures having an effect on the 14 basic meridians,
  • Case study.

    Each student will be tested regularly. Yoga practice - Yoga nidra (relaxation) will enable a better assimilation.

The first year course can be pursued on the following manner :

- Trainig course at the Yoga School of Britany or Dunkerque,
- Training course at the Yoga School of Lyon, courses held on a regular basis, 8 sessions held on Saturadays, together with nine optional workshops to support your practice.
- Specific training course

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Second Year Program :
Energy Assessment - Awareness of who you really are

Why it is important to get a right and accurate assessment ?

This assessment is a key to understanding and therefore necessary before taking any action. Many years ago, the chinese observed the sky and earth rhythms and transcribed them in terms of energy.

We can draw an energy identity card for individuals from full details of their date of birth (including the hour),. This identity card will enable us to undersyand an individual's character, qualities or weakness which transpire when we encounter difficult life events. Then, it is necessary to put together a particular Yoga procedure to boost the energies which have been blocked since birth and which are responsible for our physical and psychic malfunctions.

The knowledge of energies to come will allow us to proceed with proper preventive work.

How to make an energy assessment ?

  1. Study of the universal law of the basic 5 elements and the 6 energies.
  2. Morpho-Psychologic explanation of the 60 basic bio-rythm.
  3. Energy links and vital functions of the body.
  4. Calculation and interpretation of the personalised bio-energy assessment.
  5. Study of Yoga procedures to be applied to balance the individual.
  6. Practical training based on your own examples.

For admission to the second year course (or second training course), it is imperative for the firsy year student to undertake the personalised transformation work, at least for the psychosomatic part. There will be no exception. This personalised transformation work will continue during the second year course.
This training course will give the students the necessary skills for them "to support Personalised Yoga students". A certificate will be awarded after the final year exam. The worthiness of this certificate is internal only. This certificate does not enable students to open a Personalised Yoga School or to include this program fully or partially within an existing Yoga School.

All rights reserved for the Personalised Yoga Label.

A yearly refresher course, held by Yves Noël Gaudin and the teacher of the school concerned will be necessary in order to keep up-to-date with the method : particular case studies encountered during your practice, experience sharing, refining of the understanding of the 60 energy biorythm.

A teacher training course will be held every year.

If you wish a course somewhere in the world :

Yves Noël Gaudin, designer of the method, or Jean Marc Lombard, Managing Director of the Lyon School, can upon request travel around the world to teach the method for two seven-day periods.
A 3-month break will be necessary between the two training courses, first of all to allow you to experiment the first part of this training and secondly for you to undertake your own transformation work, adapted to yourself and worked out according to the Chinese chronobiology.
A 3-days refresher course with a 2-day exam will be held 6 months after the second training course.

Prices : Quotation upon request - travelling expenses incurred by the buyer. If necessary, allow for a translator.


Yves-Noël Gaudin, 1 bis rue de la Saulnerie,
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Tél-fax : (00 33) 2 99 90 85 85

Jean Marc Lombard, La Pontchonnière, Bouchala,
42110 Saint Martin Lestra, France
Tél. (00 33) 4 74 70 65 26

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